Sad news - SB47 (artificial turf health study) fails in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

This legislation asked for the State of California to conduct a scientific study on the  health impacts of the SBR tire waste infill used in artificial turf and a moratorium on new construction using tire waste infill until the study has been completed (unless certain conditions were met.)  Sadly, the legislation was not even brought up for a vote in the State Senate Appropriations Committee.  We are waiting for more information on why this legislation to protect the health of players was killed;  we will post what we can learn on our website.

              Senator Hill may do another bill in the future.   Meanwhile, he thanks everyone for writing letters and making those phone calls.   

              If you have any further information on the health impacts of SBR infill or other problems with artificial turf, please send that information to Nate Solov in Senator Hill's office: