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LA Times on the artificial turf controversy:

    "When doctors found Stage 2 Hodgkin's lymphoma in her lungs, Emily Prince had questions.

The college biology major wanted to know why cancer would strike someone so young and healthy. . . ."


Ireland: Synthetic pitches: Are health fears totally groundless?

Major League players prefer dirt to artificial turf infield -

Nancy Alderman and David Brown: State underplays dangers of synthetic turf fields

Parenting magazine:  Click photo for link.

US Federal Government agencies decide to do study on artificial turf health:  Copy this link for many stories on this topic:

USA Today: "Feds promote artificial turf as safe despite health concerns"


CPSC Slow-Walks Its Review of Tire Crumb Playgrounds as Children’s Products "  

 Read more at:

2 INVESTIGATES: Legislator calls for study looking at health risks linked to artificial turf:

Read more on the Environment and Human Health, Inc. website:

More NBC updates:  "Are Recycled Tires Used in Playgrounds a Health Risk?"

Update on NBC news report:  "Is Rubber Mulch a Safe Surface for Your Child's Playground?"

Information on health concerns with synthetic turf fields, please see:

Links to articles on synthetic turf, please see:

NBC news report:  "How safe is the artificial turf your child plays on?"